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06.22.09 22 Comments

I’ve already posted a bunch of TV Spots and trailers for Stephen Sommers’ epically ill-advised G.I. Joe movie, and this new one’s only slightly different. That’s why I’ve helpfully set the video to skip the foreplay and start at the most hilarious part! Get it? Marlon Wayans fell down! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Who says you can’t have laughs in an action movie?

I was also sitting here trying to figure out what song was playing during the next scene, because even though whatever it was had been thoroughly Linkin Park-ified it, the riff sounded strangely familiar. Then I realized: it’s “Crazy Train.” Because they crazily jump through a train, you see. I hope whoever came up with that one was rewarded with a red ball or a herring.

UPDATE: Commenter Bradyohnine correctly points out that the song is “Undead” by Hollywood Undead. But the riff in that song is still the opening riff from “Crazy Train.” I can demonstrate on guitar for you if you’d li– Hey! Where’s everyone going?

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