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08.28.07 8 Comments

Okay, I'll admit it, this post was mainly an excuse to post the above clip, perhaps the only video on YouTube more painful than the blonde chick from South Carolina trying to sound intelligent.  Don't you love how they conned a black guy into being on stage with them so they could pretend their little dance wasn't basically a minstrel show without the burnt cork?  Watching tentacle porn makes me feel less dirty.

Anyway, the news is that Paul Giamatti based his baby-killer character in Shoot 'Em Up on none other than MC Rove.  

From MTV:

"I tell him that I don’t want to push him in a certain direction for this part," writes [Director Michael] Davis. "Instead, I’d love for him to create a character beyond the page. He says he’d like his character to be based on Karl Rove — a seemingly bookish guy who exercises power behind the scenes. I like it. His character turns out to be way more flamboyant than Rove … but I like how our free-flowing conversation started making the character better than what is on the page."

Hey, whatever, man.  Just tell me Paul Giamatti and Clive Owen are shooting at each other with a cameo from Monica Bellucci's tits (link NWS) and I'll be there.

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