Glenn Beck loved the Spider-Man musical

So yesterday, in honor of MLK’s birthday, I was sitting in my living room listening to Glenn Beck, plotting revenge against the blacks (I kid, I kid, I heard it on NPR when they were playing it down at the Chai Co-Op), when Beck took up the topic of the Spider-Man musical.  Julie Taymor’s Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark has taken a lot of heat lately for having to be re-written, for costing upwards of $60 million dollars, for being more dangerous than a Russian motorcross show, and most of all, for being a Broadway musical about Spider-Man with music by U2. (“IN THE NAAAAAAAME, OF WEBS/FLYIN HIIIIIIGH ON MY SPIDER WEEEEBS…”)

But Glenn Beck liked it, so at the very least, it must not glorify socialism or death panels or whatever. (audio clip after the jump)

“The New York elite, they’re not going to like this.  Everybody says Wicked is the one to go to — this is better than Wicked.  MUCH better than Wicked.

I’m telling you, mark my words, it’s being panned right now, but I’m telling you, you go buy your ticket, because when this thing opens, you will not be able to get tickets for a year.  This is the Phantom of the 21st century.  This is history of Broadway being made.  I sat next to the casting director by chance, and I told him, ‘You, sir, are a part of history.'”

“Don’t listen to those effeminate intellectuals, why watch a Spider-man movie at home on TV for free when you could spend 200 bucks to see it as a Broadway musical in a room full of gay guys?  …Wait, crap.  Perhaps we should’ve vetted this bit first…”

“I told the fellas down at the bath house, ‘this could be the next West Side Story.'”