Go Astley to Mouth with this mashup

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04.26.10 19 Comments

The concept behind this new video mashup is pretty simple: take The Human Centipede, then add Rick Astley’s “Together Forever.”  …That’s pretty much it.  They’re together forever because they’re attached to each other’s anuses by the mouth. Just like the song. Get it? But I’m not complaining. Take an old classic like Rick Astley, all it needs to make it fresh again is a breath of new hotness like The Human Centipede.  Up its ass.  And back into its mouth. Anyway, watch it now because it’ll probably get pulled before the end of the day like my wiener.

I also enjoy that just as Rick Astley sings “Don’t stop me falling/it’s destiny calling” they show him talking on the phone. Get it? He’s talking to his destiny. Or possibly just some chick named “Destiny.” Either way, pretty clever, 80s music video director guy. Pret-tay, pret-tay, clever.

I still use that rubber-leg dance move thing he does all the time. That’s still cool, right?

[Thanks to Jonathan for the tip]

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