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09.27.07 23 Comments

Knight RiderKnight Rider is coming back to TV.  That’s right, apparently some NBC execs saw Transformers and thought the same thing I did – "Hey, this reminds me of KITT."  Only they also thought it’d be a good idea to do a remake of Knight Rider.  They want Doug Liman (Swingers, Go) to direct a two-hour "backdoor" pilot.

It’s also likely the new show will explore the idea of "evil" cars to offset the heroic talking K.I.T.T. car of the original.. That said, skein is expected to essentially remain focused on the story of a single man fighting for justice with the help of his superadvanced car.

Lame.  I think Knight Rider is a great idea, but only if Hasselhoff comes back and it’s a made-for-TV movie about the dangers of drunken driving.  "You’ve had too much to drink, Michael.  Calling your ex-girfriend is a bad idea, Michael.  You’ve ordered far too many tacos, Michael.  Put your shirt back on, Michael.  Chewing gum won’t help you pass a breathalyzer, Michael.  You’ve parked me on the lawn again, Michael." Pff, nagging ass cars.  Who needs em.   [via IESB]

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