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03.26.08 140 Comments

Kansas is all abuzz with news that a film crew is roaming around claiming to be shooting a documentary about “American culture”, when they’re actually shooting a “Borat-like prank”. 

Luckily for the upcoming Bruno movie, there aren’t many local journalists who get HBO or who’ve watched a movie in the last 20 years.

Here’s a story about a crew getting kicked out of the Wichita airport ("Witnesses say it almost looked like pornography").  Here’s another from Topeka about a pastor who initially gave the production company permission to film, only to figure out something was up ("one of them was dressed ‘biblically’) and bar them from his church’s Easter play.  From the video (sorry I can’t embed it): 

Could it be that this is the same film company [as Borat]?  Who knows what the crew was up to.  But one thing Pastor Smith knows, “I don’t want anyone to go through what we just went through. Or worse.  Thankfully, God protected us."

The reports said the crews claimed to be from Germany (Bruno supposedly works for Austrian Gay TV), so, though none of the local news people have mentioned it yet, these were almost certainly segments for the Bruno movie.

I’m pretty sure all local news reporters are either really old or borderline retarded.  Getting the news from your local network affiliate is basically like talking to your grandma after she comes home from church.  Coming up at six: I heard from Edna that the Jacobs boy just graduated from law school.

Big thanks to sharp-eyed tipster Daniel for this one.

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