Got $1000? Val Kilmer Will Sell You A Sheet Of Metal With ‘GOD’ Painted On It

I don’t know how it took me until today to discover that had an online shop (thanks, Bill Dempsey), but I’m really glad I did. Otherwise I would’ve had no idea where I could buy a piece of sheet metal with “GOD” stenciled on it by a Top Gun cast member for $1000.

So modernist! I’d definitely buy that if I was trying to turn my apartment into a Chipotle. You wonder if this is what they worship in that 10 Things I Hate About You Guy’s cult.

Kilmer has actually stenciled “GOD” onto a variety of backgrounds (all hand-painted by Kilmer, his site assures), as well as some block sculptures.

He also has shirts and hats with a logo made from his name, and hot off the presses, here’s a “Synonyms for God Painting With Punk Colors.” Probably the punkest God painting since Piss Christ.

I poke fun, but credit where credit is due, those Citizen Twain shirts are pretty boss and I’m probably going to buy one. (in case you haven’t heard, “Citizen Twain” is the name of Kilmer’s stage show in which he impersonates Mark Twain, pretends to steer a riverboat, and sometimes says it’s okay for him to say the N-word because he knows 50 Cent).

I think Val Kilmer is my favorite crazy actor.