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10.30.07 64 Comments

Good news, gang (and I mean "gang" the way black people use it, which I think is more meaningful), Sean Penn and Heath Ledger have signed on for Tree of Life with Terrence Malick (New World, Thin Red Line)

The film’s plot has been closely guarded, but is described by an insider as a complex drama. 

And considering Penn and Malick’s history, I’m sure it won’t be pretentious and masturbatory at all.  If there are any middle school English teachers reading this, please, I beg of you, just once write "Pretentious and Masturbatory" in red at the top of a student’s term paper.  Please?  

Sidenote: Allan Weisbecker chronicles some of his difficulties with Sean Penn and his production company (including Stacey Peralta being a total dipshit) in his book Can’t You Get Along With Anyone.  You can get some of the story here, but I’d recommend reading the book first because it’s amazing.  If you don’t at least read Cosmic Bandidos or his other books, you are an ignorant asshole and I hate you.  

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