Greece produces slick, wannabe Hollywood blockbuster

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06.09.10 28 Comments

This is the trailer for Dogtooth, a film from Greece opening June 25th in New York City.  Let me see if I can sum up the action here.

  • A man covers himself with cuts and fake blood.  He tells a family their brother is dead, and the culprit was a common house cat, “the most dangerous animal there is.”
  • A girl’s butt.
  • Boy tries to kill cat with pruning shears.  His sisters scream.
  • The brother plays Spanish guitar, they have a Pentacostal dance party.
  • The father tells the girls that they’ll be ready to leave the house “when the dogtooth falls out,” so they swim blindfolded.
  • Implied lesbianism.
  • The father barks at his family like a dog.  They bark back.
  • Pentacostal dance party starts going all Reefer Madness.
  • Sister cuts brother’s arm with kitchen knife.
  • Other sister screams at her knitting needles.
  • Dance party becomes puke party.
  • Mother beats daughter about the head.
  • Father beats daughter with video tape.
  • Father knocks out mother with VCR.
  • Aaaaand scene.

Bottom line, I’m sick of these foreign movies trying to be all slick and Hollywood.  When I watch foreign films, I want to see something different, not some cheap rip off of The Blind Side.  Ho hum, Greece, ho hum.

Dogtooth-pentacostal-dance-party Dogtooth-Implied-Lesbianism

[via CHUD]

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