Green Lantern looks less boring

Senior Editor
05.04.11 12 Comments

Thor opens this weekend, but today Green Lantern dropped a new trailer, almost as if to say, “WE SEE YOUR SKARSGÅRD AND RAISE YOU SARSGAARD.” It opens June 17th, and I know I’ve been sh*t talking this project from the beginning, but as more of the FX works gets done, it’s gradually starting to seem less bland.  Basically, an alien comes down from space and gives Ryan Reynolds a promise ring.  Ryan Reynolds pledges allegiance to a lantern and then gets sucked into space where a big alien with a black guy’s voice beats him up.  Then he comes back to Earth to make out with Blake Lively and it’s awesome because they’re the most ridiculously good-looking couple of all time.  Somewhere along the line, Stellan Sarsgaard gets into Mr. Burns’s nerve tonic and it turns him into Joss Whedon, and Ryan Reynolds has to use his powers to keep him from making more adaptations of Buffy.  Something like that.

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