Greg Giraldo, 1965 – 2010

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09.29.10 24 Comments

Sad Shark hates when Sad Shark shows up too ;-(

As if hangnails and Seltzer-Friedberg movies weren’t enough proof that God is a cruel prick, Greg Giraldo died today, succumbing to the drug overdose he suffered over the weekend.  The news was first broken by Jim Norton on his Twitter feed and has been since confirmed by TMZ.  It’s the second by-all-accounts-an-awesome-dude death after Bob Schimmel died in a car crash a few weeks ago. If you knew him from anywhere, chances are you laughed at at least one of his awesome roast burns:

[at the Joan Rivers roast] “What a night — a couple of trolls, a fairy, and a giant, all going after a sunken-eyed little monster who’s obsessed with jewelry. It’s like the Lord of the Rings.”

“There’s so many black d*cks in here, it’s like we’re doing this roast from inside Lisa Lampanelli’s mouth.”

“Soul Plane — that was such a horrible, embarrassment to black people, Brigitte Nielson tried to f*ck it.”

“Carrot Top — how did you find a plastic surgeon who could add a chromosome?”

“Gary Busey’s here, kind of.  Jesus, Gary, you horse-faced lunatic.  You look like Nick Nolte f*cked a Clydesdale.”

To which Nick Nolte responded, “Huh?  Yeah, I did that.  To be honest, it was kind of a dud in the sack.”  Seriously though, hey, God, could you stop killing all the funny, nice guys?  It’s like Heaven’s selection process is the exact opposite of network TV.  I’m honestly bummed about this, and I’m not lying like I usually am when I say that.

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