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03.25.10 19 Comments

I would like nothing more than for the world to stop paying attention to this mealy, fuzz-headed queef, but every other story this morning is just as boring, so here we go: James Cameron called Glenn Beck an A-hole at a junket a few days ago, as, obviously, they have differing views on global warming.  So then Glenn Beck went on his show last night and did his usual act of amusing the sh*t out of himself without ever actually saying anything the least bit funny or interesting, put on 3D glasses and called James Cameron a “smurf murderer.”  Hilarious and interesting, right?  F*ck yourselves.

You can watch the segment below if you hate yourself.

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People know this guy converted to Mormonism, right? Like, chose it willingly at an age after one has supposedly developed the capacity for reason. Nothing against my Mormon friends, who are mostly all great people, but it’s one thing to be born into something, and another to think, “Hey, this whole no alcohol or caffeine thing and the Garden of Eden being in Missouri sounds pretty great.”

[via /Film]

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