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10.25.07 137 Comments

IESB today is reporting that Snatch director (hehe) Guy Ritchie will soon be taking time out of his busy schedule of helping Madonna work on her English accent to direct a remake of The Dirty Dozen.

The original came out in 1967, and starred Lee Marvin and Ernest Borgnine

A Major with an attitude problem and a history of getting things done is told to interview military prisoners with death sentences or long terms for a dangerous mission; To parachute behind enemy lines and cause havoc for the German Generals at a rest house on the eve of D-Day.

What with talk about remaking Blade, Child’s Play, The Exorcist, etc., this in comparison actually seems like a decent idea.  You know, as long as they don’t cast Stone Cold Steve Austin or someone in it.  Of course Ritchie has to finish RocknRolla and The Gamekeeper (based on some comic boo- uh, graphic novel) first.    

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