Guy Ritchie & Jude Law made a thuper theriouth commercial

09.08.10 8 years ago 18 Comments

Jude Law, who recently received the coveted “Deepest V Award” from Oompa Loompa Jude-Law-Deep-V-NeckUniversity, stars in this commercial for Dior Homme directed by famous film director Guy Ritchie.  If I’m not mistaken, “homme” is a French word for “homo.”  Anyway, the five-minute ad appears to concern Law’s character planning a rendezvous with his lady friend, and the bulk of it takes the concept of “whispering sweet nothings” (emphasis on the ‘nothing’) to a ridiculous degree.  Sample dialogue:

“You know who I am. I know who you are. You know where I’ve been. I know where you’ve been.  That’s all I’m gonna tell you.  You know what I can do.  And I know what you can do. You’re gonna regret saying that.  Scared? Is that right?  Of course you are.  What?  Two of ya?  We’ll see.  Ooh.  When I find you.. and I will find you… you’re gonna wish you’d never been caught.”

I just looked at the v-neck picture while I was reading that and I got reeeeeally horny. Also, I thought it was odd that he was in that hotel room with the hot naked lady, but then he made her put her clothes on and leave so they could go look at a giant phallic symbol.


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