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Are you a liberal who enjoyed Inglourious Basterds?  Ha, you totally got punk’d, ya stupid socialist!  Yet again you’ve made the mistake of not filtering all the action through the lens of your fundamentalist political ideology!  Ha, idiot!  Says some guy at Breitbart:

It is interesting indeed to see those who applaud Tarantino’s latest, admittedly excellent work, revel in the unbridled revenge against Nazis who get what’s coming to them.  Many of whom, without batting an eye, view al-Qaeda killers as deserving of respect, protection, and the benefit of civilian law.  Since all that separates al-Qaeda from the Nazis is the means – industrial power, modern education, and an organized national base – one wonders why a certain amount of cognitive dissonance wouldn’t kick in after a liberal enjoyed screening “Basterds.”

That’s right, hippies!  Other than those three things I just mentioned and a bunch of other stuff, Nazis are EXACTLY LIKE al-Qaeda!  INDUBITABLY!

[Quick] To the point [to the point, no fakin’ -Ed.] , what would a liberal think of the scene where Lt. Raine interrogates a captured German sergeant, demanding the location of a German outpost and its supporting artillery?  As the German NCO refuses to talk, Raine orders one of his men to kill the prisoner with a baseball bat.  When the two remaining German prisoners see this, one runs in horror and is shot down, while the other is brought over and threatened with the same deadly treatment.  He talks, saving the lives of the American commandos.  For the prisoner’s troubles, Raines carves a swastika into his forehead.  By comparison, the waterboarding of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed during interrogation seems rather pedestrian.

RATHER PEDESTRIAN INDEED!  See, what you pussies are always trying to forget is that the good ol’ US of Ass kicking won WWII because of the OFFICIAL US POLICY that said, SURRENDER, YOU BITCH-ASS GERMANS, SO WE CAN TORTURE THE SH’T OUT OF YOU!  Under the threat of torture, the Nazi’s realized they were wrong, and that’s how the Jews came to control Hollywood.

Were Lt. Aldo Raine unleashed in Waziristan today, he and his men (all from New York City to provide the needed element of justifiable revenge) would no doubt relish taking al-Qaeda and Taliban scalps.  Alas, were Tarantino to make this flick, it would end prematurely just as Osama bin Laden was about to be relieved of his wavy locks by Raine’s massive knife.  The unsatisfying closing sequence would have a shocked Raine arrested by FBI agents after the Basterds’ cover was blown by the New York Times.  The credits would roll on Raine’s trial by Attorney General Holder’s Department of Justice with bin Laden in protective custody as a witness to Raine’s heinous war crimes.

I don’t see Tarantino making that film – it might not be real, but it’s too true for Hollywood.

Burn!  Tarantino just won’t keep it REAL enough for a movie about ELI ROTH crushing all your SISSY HEADS with a BASEBALL BAT!  So there you have it, libruls, take it from this douche and his MASSIVE ARSENAL OF UNNECESSARY ADJECTIVES, your whole way of life is wrong!

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