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Lost Boys news means Greasy Sax Dude video.  It’s the law.

Even after Corey Haim spent thousands of his own money promoting himself and filmed a “reality” show, his hopes for a movie career still seem to be tied to continuing the Lost Boys franchise, which isn’t really a franchise.

“I’ve seen the whole movie LOST BOYS: THE TRIBE], I don’t like it, to be honest with you,” Haim tells SpookyDan on the red carpet of the 6th annual Eyegore Awards. “I’m not gonna lie to you, I don’t like it as much as the first one,” he continues, “There’s HALLOWEEN 1 and 2 and then there’s 3 that has nothing to do with Michael Myers…. We went from LOST BOYS 1 to, let’s say just like a neutralized, keep it hot and fresh LOST BOYS 2, and [now we’ll] hopefully go for the LOST BOYS 3 thing, which is gonna happen.”

The Lost Boys came out in 1987.  21 years later they did a direct-to-DVD sequel.  It’s about as fresh as a Bangles t-shirt.  Point being, can someone give this guy a GD job?  If Hasselhoff still gets to be famous, Corey Haim should get something.

“I’ve heard good things, very good things,” he explains. “If it happens I should be starring in it because of the end of 2 [where he cameos]. Hopefully well have everyone back.“
As far as plot points, Haim reveals the film is planned to be a prequel and teased to us that certain someone might return (and we’re not talking about actors).
“[The] direction [will be] more so like the first one…” adding on the side that it will possibly be a prequel. “As far as I heard, it will be thrown back into the proper genre it was when Joel [Schumacher] executed it.”

To recap, Corey Haim plans to star in a prequel for a movie he did when he was 16.  He’s gonna be rich and famous and get all the chicks again, and Uncle Rico’s gonna throw a football over the mountain.  They’ll use their money to buy a nice place out in the country and live off the fat of the land.  Wait, did I tell you about the rabbits?  Hundreds of ‘em, in all different colors…

[via Bloody-Disgusting, thanks to Robo for the tip]

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