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08.05.08 31 Comments

The makers of Hamlet 2 have finally wised up and hired a trailer editor who doesn’t adhere to the “people getting hit with stuff = hilarity” formula that the old trailer editor stuck by rigidly.  You can watch the new trailers, both red and green band, after the jump.

I was also curious about the Rolling Stone review they quoted in the red-band trailer, which they claim said “COMEDY HEAVEN!”  I get Rolling Stone, and so far, Peter Travers has never reviewed Hamlet 2.  I searched the Rolling Stone site and found that Travers did include a Hamlet 2 blurb in his summer movie preview section.  Here it is in its entirety:

If you want to end summer by going off the wall, latch onto Steve Coogan. The Brit comic with solid acting skills (check him out in 24 Hour Party People) plays the director of the movie—within—the—movie in Tropic Thunder. But for a maximum dose of bizarro Steve, Hamlet 2 is your final destination. Coogan plays Dana Marschz, a star who never was, perhaps because his last name is unpronounceable. Dana is stuck teaching drama to Arizona high school gangbangers until he decides his ticket out is to put on his own musical version of Hamlet, with songs like "Rock Me, Sexy Jesus." Even when director Andrew Fleming and writer Pam Brady flirt with being mainstream—ingratiating, Coogan holds Hamlet 2 to its ballsy center. He’s mad nuts, and my hero.

Long story short, I’m not sure where they got the “Comedy Heaven” quote.  Maybe he said it at dinner, or about another movie.  There’s also a TV spot currently going around for The Wackness (sorry I don’t have video) which also contains a quote attributed to Rolling Stone, from which it received a less-than-glowing two and a half star review.  I haven’t cross checked their other quotes, but you’d think with all the whores and fanboys out there that they’d have enough actual praise without having to bend the truth or totally make stuff up.  Like me.  My mom once called me “an okay kid,” and that’s the truth (though she was drunk at the time).

UPDATE: Nevermind, I found the quote.  So… uh, how ’bout those sports teams?

Green band:

Red band:

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