Hangover 2 Stuntman in Coma After Accident

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12.28.10 25 Comments

It’s been a dangerous year for stunt people.  Transformers 3 left an extra with permanent brain damage and sent a policeman to the hospital in two separate accidents.  And that’s to say nothing of the ongoing carnival of pain that is the SpiderMan Musical.  Now the curse has struck the set of The Hangover 2 in Thailand, leaving a stunt man in a medically-induced coma, and not the fun kind.

Australian stuntman Scott McLean is recovering in a Thai hospital after an accident on the set of “The Hangover Part II” left him in an induced coma.

Warner Bros. confirmed the tragic incident in a statement on Monday. “There was an accident involving a truck and a car on the second unit set of “The Hangover Part II” near Bangkok, Thailand.  The truck and car were both driven by stunt drivers. We are awaiting further details concerning his condition.”

The carefully planned and choreographed stunt went awry after an oncoming car skidded into a truck. Weather was believed to have played a factor in the accident, as recent rainfall left the roads slick.

Doctors decided to put McLean into a coma-like state after surgery in order to help him recover quicker from the serious injuries he sustained, although McLean is apparently aware that his friends and family are at his bedside, so his prognosis is positive. [TheWrap]

Jesus, you see how dangerous this stuff is?  That’s the main reason I never became a handsome, Australian stunt man.  Well, one of the top three reasons at least.

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