Hangover II: Biggest opening ever for live-action comedy

The Hangover II rode its monkey to the highest-grossing opening weekend ever for a live-action comedy ($86 million from Friday to Sunday), earning $137.5 million in five days, and contributing to a best-ever Memorial Day weekend for the film industry (list of highest-grossing Memorial Day openings after the jump).  With an $80 million budget and probably double that including marketing, Hangover 2 is well on its way to earning “a buttload” (as the analysts say).  Hey, anyone who watches Community could tell you that Annie’s Boobs is a real crowd-pleaser.

Meanwhile, Kung Fu Panda 2, with a $150 million budget, was a moderate disappointment, grossing $47.8 million from Friday to Sunday and $68m total.  Good numbers, but less than the first one. Luckily, Jack Black has to be used to disappointments by now, as are my parents.

Weekend*** Per Theater
1 The Hangover 2
$105,765,000 $29,257 $137,375,367
2 Kung Fu Panda 2
$62,200,00 $15,847 $68,000,000
3 Pirates 4 $50,372,000 (-44%) $12,097 $163,967,287
4 Bridesmaids
$20,987,000 (+1%) $7,095 $89,593,555
5 Thor $12,030,000 (-22%) $3,650 $162,374,525
6 Fast Five $8,166,000 (-23%) $2,981 $197,575,100
7 Midnight In Paris $2,614,671 (+337%) $45,081 $3,519,655
8 Rio
$2,400,000 (-49%) $1,435 $135,441,274
9 Jumping The Broom
$2,350,000 (-37%) $2,503 $34,631,066
10 Something Borrowed $2,320,000 (-34%) $1,095 $27,662,281

***Four-day holiday totals

And here’s the all-time Memorial Day weekend chart:

On a serious note, the strength of the Hangover was taking elements blatantly geared towards broad audiences (ie, stupid people) — monkey sidekicks! disapproving Asians! the same movie over again! — while still throwing the more culturally savvy an occasional bone (the Vietcong execution parody).

Other winners included Woody Allen, whose Midnight in Paris added 58 theaters and maintained its highest-among-the-top-10 per-screen average of $33,276, while the latest Pirates of the Carribbean sagged to its lowest attendance of the franchise, which has to be considered a win for society (Bruckheimer is the antichrist).  Meanwhile, Bridesmaids fell only 22% from its opening weekend and has made $89 million so far, proving that female-driven comedies can still succeed at the box office. They’re perhaps even more attractive than their male counterparts, considering you only have to pay them two thirds as much. (whackety-schmackety sexism).

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