Hank Williams Jr. Hates Healthcare or Hitler or Something

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10.03.11 18 Comments

Here’s the video that got Hank Williams Jr. “fired” (I didn’t realize he was still employed). “Obama! Biden! The Three Stooges!” Williams replied. “That’s only two,” Steve Doocy pointed out. Hahahahahahahahaha. “Hank Williams Jr., who knows a little about politics too.” Um, no. To quote Brendan from the Frotcast: “All my rowdy friends are here with a rope!” |RollingStone|

What They Did This Summer: A Look In Pictures At The NBA’s Stars During The Lockout |With Leather|

Arrested Development Cast Reuniting for 10 More Shows & A Movie (No, Seriously This Time) |Film Drunk|

This week’s Frotcast has Joe King’s stand up. If you don’t listen, you’ll never know what “if that falcon tells you to make come, you damn well better fill his dish” means. |Frotcast 67|

I like this Battleship Shots idea way better than the Battleship movie idea. |AfternoonSnoozeButton|

New Book: Diddy Had Tupac Killed, Suge Knight Had Biggie Killed |UPROXX|

Aussie Sets New Land Speed Record For Motorized Couches |Gamma Squad|

Kenan Thompson Is Marrying This. |Warming Glow|

I don’t know what the hell this girl was doing, but her little brother is a star. |GorillaMask|

Doug Hutchison must really like tits if he’s willing to put up with this terrifying, dead-eyed freakshow. |TheSuperficial|

Oh look, I found a picture of your mom. |Videogum|

5 People Older Than Andy Rooney. |ScreenJunkies|

Twin Peaks as an Atari game. |MentalFloss|

Meet the new Muppet, “food insecure Muppet.” Uh, what? |TheDailyWhat|

I know this isn’t the preferred nomenclature, but this Chinaman has two faces. |Buzzfeed|

High School Football Player Quits Team to Become Cheerleader |Brobible|

The 20 Most Successful Christian-Themed Films of All Time |Pajiba|

The top 5 office pet peeves. |HolyTaco|

A Collection of Awesome Masked Characters in Movies |Unreality|

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