Frotcast 354: The Hanukkah Episode! With Lacrosse Names, Justin Halpern, And Alison Stevenson

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In a special Hanukkah episode of the Frotcast, we’ve invited three of our favorite Jewishes (read this with a soft J to denote respect), comedians Matt Lieb and Alison Stevenson, and showrunner Justin Halpern to join Vince and Brendan. We discuss whether Roy Moore losing was a Ben miracle (RIP), talk Inside Lacrosse’s All-Name Team, and comb through the recently discovered Daily Stormer Nazi style guide. Alison Stevenson comes on to discuss her recent trip Tindering her way through Seoul, and Justin Halpern joins so we can pitch him terrible ideas for his Harley Quinn show, and we talk I Tonya and Ladybird. We finish things off with your emails.


3 minutes – Roy Moore’s campaign manager malfunctions on live TV

7 minutes – A rundown of this year’s All Name Team from Inside Lacrosse

17 minutes – Matt remembers/reenact Blood Diamond

19 minutes – Coming through the recently discovered Daily Stormer style guide

26 minutes – Alison Stevenson joins

36 minutes – Alison Tinders through South Korea.

50 minutes – Justin Halpern on his new Harley Quinn show.

54 minutes – I, Tonya

56 minutes – Armond White, Cole Smithey, and Ladybird/RottenTomato-gate

1 hour 10 minutes – The Disaster Artist

1 hour 26 minutes – Omarosa trapped in the walls

1 hour 31 – Emails

Supplemental Material

Additional Note:

In case you hadn’t heard, Ben Kaplan, Frotcast co-founder and the guy who suggested both Whoop Dreams and the podcast itself, passed away last week after four years of world travel on and off chemo. We actually found out last week while we were recording the show. We thought people should know, though we weren’t quite ready to talk about it yet this week. We’re still working on putting together a tribute show. As always, it’s hard to know what the right thing to do is, but we’re working on it. At this point, all I can say is thank you to everyone who sent kind words, I know they meant a lot. And to anyone who struggled with what to say and ultimately didn’t say anything, that’s okay too. It’s hard. We understand.

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