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01.20.09 16 Comments

Play inauguration bingo.  [Holy Taco]

Rejected cartoon promos for the Family Learning Channel.  Probably because of the bleeding.  [Atom]

Tom Cruise says he grew up wanting to kill Hitler.  Okay, settle down, spaz, we’ll stop calling you gay for a couple minutes.  [Yahoo]

Finally, Cher and Johnny Knoxville will be in a movie together.  From the director of The Ringer.  Should be great. [THR]

Wanna play Hollywood Auto Trader?  You had me at “Jonas Brothers finger bang”.  [Screenjunkies]

And of course, there’s nothing wrong with a few good Busey Photoshops. [SomethingAwful]

Christopher Walken interviews Mickey Rourke, takes pictures of him in his underwear.  *shudder* [Interview]

Trailer for Zombie Girl. See? Even 12-year-old girls can make zombie movies.  Seriously though, folks, never encourage children to make movies longer than five minutes.  [TrailerAddict]

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