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06.12.08 66 Comments

The script Frank Darabont wrote for a fourth Indiana Jones (the one George Lucas supposedly threw out after Spielberg and Harrison Ford approved it) has been floating around the web, showing up in different places and then getting pulled like my wang does.  I haven’t had the time or inclination to find and read it, but the fine folks at G4 TV did and even posted a review.  Darabont’s version was called Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods which should give you a hint about which one was better.

This script is awesome in exactly the places that Crystal Skull was lame. Just those few flips in the sequence removed all of the punch from this really excellent, well thought out, super exciting script, and rendered it vacuous and boring. In other words, Spielberg and Lucas chose the right story, but they neutered it to focus on the wrong things.

Perhaps the biggest difference in the script is the treatment of Marion Ravenwood. First off, she doesn’t spend the entirety of the story standing in the background grinning like she’s happy to have a job. She’s the Marion we came to know and love in Raiders of the Lost Ark, and her story arc is so much more believable in this script that it’s a night-and-day experience.

Definitely check out the review – it’s interesting and informative all the way through.  The Darabont script sounds good.  It’s just too bad George Lucas didn’t think it had enough flying and magic.  Instead of having him be Executive Producer they should’ve just bought him a toy train set and a hat that says Conductor.

UPDATE: Supposedly it’s still available here if you can navigate the site in French. (Thanks to Erik)

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