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Heavy Metal was a 1981 film founded on the idea that the only thing better than tits is tits, fire, and aliens.  Such timeless themes are bound to come back, which is why it had a sequel in 2000, and now there’s a new version in the works.  The surprising thing is the amount of talent rumored to be involved.  Heavy Metal magazine editor Kevin Eastman recently said in an interview with FilmSchoolRejects

I’ve got breaking news that David Fincher and James Cameron are going to be Co-Executive Producers on the film. Fincher will direct one. Cameron will direct one. Zack Snyder is going to direct one and Gore Verbinski is going to. [Kung Fu Panda director] Mark Osborne and Jack Black from Tenacious D are going to do a comedy segment for the film. Three other directors have agreed but we haven’t signed them, but they’re equally as jaw-dropping. So we’re on cloud nine to be working with such an amazing amount of talent.”

It just goes to show, everyone will show up when you’ve got chicks sword fighting with their boobs out.  It’s something I try to remember every time I throw a house party, bris, or quinceñera.

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