Here Comes Jason Biggs And The Fake 'Magic Mike' Audition Videos

When not taking a wholly unnecessary trip to the American Pie cash machine, Jason Biggs is still trying to make sincere, earnest films like Grassroots. He’s also grown quite fond of making humorous attempts at viral videos on today’s hot topics, like when he mocked the naked KONY guy, or his latest video, an “unreleased audition” for Magic Mike.

Biggs’ wife, Jenny Mollen – the same wife that bought him a blowjob from a prostitute – leaked the video on Twitter through the couple’s “personal assistant”. Basically, they’re in their own little world of comedy, apparently, and the only reason that I’m bringing this up is because I was concerned that Biggs was the first person to have thought of this. But he wasn’t. There are more. Each as “hilarious” as the next.

So prepare yourself for the outlandish, as Biggs reads Matthew McConaughey’s lines and does a dance to Ginuwine’s “Pony”. Spoiler alert: It’s funny because he’s out of shape and can’t dance.