Here’s The First Trailer For ‘Oculus’ Starring The Wonderful Karen Gillan

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01.24.14 9 Comments

Lightbulb eater

A movie about a haunted mirror that causes spooky ghost children and demons to haunt and possess otherwise attractive young people? Hollywood, you spoil us with these unique and fresh ideas. In the first official teaser trailer for Oculus – as featured in our B Movies guide – which comes to us from the fine movie production minds at the WWE, Karen Gillan finally steps out from the Dalek’s shadow as a woman who eats light bulbs or something, while Battlestar Galactica’s Katee Sackhoff helps the studios double down on the amount of nerd boner power they can use to manipulate box office numbers. If only they could save this movie for after Comic Con, condom sales would reach double digits.

More accurately, Oculus is the story of a girl who is desperate to prove that her brother didn’t commit a murder and was instead possessed by this magic mirror that seems to be oozing Fruit Roll-Ups. I’ll tell ya, if you gave me a mirror that produced endless Fruit Roll-Ups, I’d be willing to overlook the evil possessions and murder.

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