Here’s that stupid Ferris Bueller commercial

It blows my mind that Matthew Broderick released a teaser for commercial (A TEASER FOR A F*CKING COMMERCIAL!) in which he reprises his role as Ferris Bueller sorta, and it actually succeeded in getting people excited. Honda released the Todd Phillips-directed spot online (which you can watch blow), and now both “Matthew Broderick” and “Ferris Bueller” are trending topics on Twitter. Because when a B-list actor makes an elaborate attempt to simply remind you of a film we all saw 25 years ago, the internet goes crazy for it, even if it was just a transparent attempt to sell you minivans. God I hate my generation.

Ooh, I love nostalgia-based commercials. Tell me, can this vehicle transport me to my idealized youth?

Oh, and apparently there are some hidden references (“Easter Eggs”) in the video:

1. The name on the Bluetooth screen is Grace (Rooney’s secretary) (0:54)
2. There is a guy in a trench coat playing clarinet (1:00)
3. The flower delivery guy is a reference to a famous scene in the movie (0:57)

“We hid some references in your reference to make it more reference-y.”