Here’s The Edge, Bono and some theater kids singing about Spider-Man

U2’s Bono and The Edge star alongside the cast of the play in this new music video for “Rise Above 1” a big number from Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, which is still playing on Broadway. Naturally I had to post it because to me, the idea of U2 writing the music for a play based on Spider-Man is a better satire of theater than even Waiting for Guffman could’ve been, and somehow it’s all real. Yet again, parody can’t touch reality for absurdity.

You can tell Bono is a true professional because he brings the same level of posturing and heartfelt emotionalism to songs about starving children and the Martin Luther King assassination as he does to power ballads about Spider-Man. IN THE NAAAAAAME OF WEBBBBS, FLYIN HIIIIIIIIIGH ON MAH SPIDURRRRRR WEBBBBBBSSS…


This entire production is so ridiculous that I’m baffled that James Franco isn’t somehow involved.

[via Vulture]