Here’s The First Trailer For ‘Dom Hemingway,’ Starring Jude Law

One of my biggest pet peeves in this dangerous blogging game is when someone sends me a new trailer for a movie that not only looks fantastic but has also earned rave reviews, and us Yankees in the U.S. of A don’t get to see it until the following year. Meanwhile, there are a bunch of people in England who will get to watch a movie like Dom Hemingway on November 17, and that’s not fair because this is supposed to be an exceptional nation. Whatever, thanks for nothing, Obama.

Anyway, Jude Law stars as the titular criminal scumbag, fresh out of prison and ready to collect some cash that he’s owed by the crime boss that he served time for. The only problem is that some lady just stole his cash, and now Dom Hemingway has to set out to retrieve it. This movie looks bloody smashing, I tell you.

(Via Digital Spy)