Here’s The New Trailer For ‘A Madea Christmas’… Starring Larry The Cable Guy

Last month, Vince brought us the initial teaser trailer for Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas, but it didn’t reveal anything about the actual film, as much as it featured Perry’s Madea telling the same tired jokes that have made her a billion dollar franchise. Yesterday, the first official trailer for A Madea Christmas debuted at Yahoo!, and I’m not joking – this movie stars Larry the Cable Guy.

Madea’s sister is devastated to learn that her daughter won’t be coming home for Christmas, so they travel to her, only to learn she’s dating and living with a white man (Chad Michael Murray), whose parents are played by Larry the Cable Guy and Kathy Najimy. Hijinks ensue, such as Madea milking a cow (so original), teaching children about the Virgin Mary J. Blige (huh?) and slipping and falling in cow crap, which I think is a metaphor.

I have so many questions now. How did this happen? How had this never happened before? How on Earth did Tyler Perry end up joining forces with Larry the Cable Guy? Did they meet in an underground bunker and laugh diabolically while shaking hands? How many hundreds of millions of dollars is this destined to make from the simple-minded fans of both of these huge stars?

It’s only a matter of time before Tyler Perry presents Aaron Seltzer’s and Jason Friedberg’s Madea Goes to Hollywood, which will not only spoof the entire Kardashian family, but star it as well. You’ve been warned, America.