Here’s The Trailer For ‘Big Bad Wolves,’ Quentin Tarantino’s Favorite Movie Of 2013

Back in October, director Quentin Tarantino released his list of his favorite movies of 2013 and he declared Afternoon Delight to be the best film that he’s seen this year. Less than two weeks later, Tarantino tossed Afternoon Delight its bra and some bus change before booting it out the door, because he was ready to crown a new favorite film of 2013 – the Israeli revenge thriller Big Bad Wolves. And now we have a new trailer for the upcoming limited U.S. release of Big Bad Wolves, and it definitely looks like the kind of movie a guy and his Coke Wizard can enjoy.

Big Bad Wolves hits some theaters on January 17, 2014, and hopefully it’ll be available on Video on Demand or DVD soon after for us lazy schmucks who act like we’re nailed to a recliner.