Hesher has a new trailer, cut by the director

I saw Hesher last year at Sundance, and while it had some stock-indie-movie elements I didn’t love, the good parts still kicked enough ass that I named it to my top 10 of 2010.  Since then, it got a new cut (which hopefully made it even better) and played SXSW.  A few months ago, a trailer hit the web, but it wasn’t very good and had a nut shot in it, and director Spencer Susser said it was an unauthorized version and urged people not to watch it.  Today brings us a new, Susser-approved trailer, cut by Susser himself.  And yeah, remove your metal fingers from your butt because this one’s a lot more awesome.

Here’s the word straight from Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s crotch bulge. Er, mouth.

Movie starts theatrical release May 11!  And as I said when I posted the poster here, this really is an “indie” film, meaning it’s being independently released without any huge corporations behind the marketing and advertising and all that jazz.  500 Days of Summer had that “indie” spirit, but it was put out by Fox Searchlight who has tons of resources to spread the word.  HESHER’s just got us.  So pass it around! [source]

People, I’ve seen Hesher.  I’ve seen 500 Days of Summer.  Trust me when I tell you that Hesher takes a fair-to-moderate sized dump on the chest of 500 Days of Summer.  For one thing, it doesn’t end with Joseph Gordon-Levitt meeting a girl named “Autumn” and finally realizing his childhood dream of becoming an architect.  Instead he drives around in a van with a small child, making obscene jokes, listening to metal, and lighting everything on fire.  Honestly, FilmDrunk, this is our movie.