Hey, girl, my dad’s an ambassador

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06.25.10 41 Comments

Hey, girl.  Baby Goose is in a movie.  It’s called All Good Things and he stars opposite Kirsten Dunst. Haha,

Set against the extravagance and excess of New York City in the 80s, the film is about the heir to a New York real estate fortune whose wife disappears, inspired by the life of Robert Durst. David Marks (Gosling), the son of a powerful real estate tycoon, marries a beautiful [*stifles laugh, squirts milk out nose*] working class student, Katie (Dunst). Together they flee the city for country life in Vermont – only to be lured back by David’s father (Frank Langella). Upon their return, Katie goes back to medical school and begins to make a life for herself. But as Katie becomes increasingly independent, David mysteriously turns more violent and controlling. Family secrets are slowly revealed, just as Katie disappears without a trace.  [Wiki]

Hey, girl, I have a secret: I picked you some flowers!  I put them on your bed.  Haha, I love you, color splashes.  Hey, girl, I have another secret.  I’m going to make you disappear later.  Because I’m in the mood for hugs!  But only if you want to, girl.

“All Good Things” is the title of my diary.

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