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02.06.09 25 Comments

The Education of Charlie Banks is a film Fred Durst directed back in 2007 which played the Tribeca Film Festival to mostly positive reviews. But even after Durst’s other movie The Longshots bombed ($21 million gross, estimated $30 million budget), Anchor Bay has decided to give Banks a release.

Plot Synopsis: Charlie Bank’s (Jesse Eisenberg) sheltered world at his Ivy League campus is shaken when Mick (Jason Ritter), an old acquaintance with a violent past, unexpectedly shows up at his dorm room. [/Film]

I think perhaps “Mick” is a metaphor for having your old rap-metal band with an embarrassingly misspelled name based on a game about jerking off with your friends haunt you while you try to become a respectable filmmaker. 

“It doesn’t look that bad, considering it’s Fred Durst.”  Yeah, gosh, who knew making crappy formulaic movies was as easy as making crappy, formulaic music? I just hope he’s still working on that film adaptation of “Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water.”

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