Hey, Wanna See An All-Pug Version Of The Classic 1996 Film ‘Independence Day’?

So, a few things:

  • This is a video from The Pet Collective, which does these kinds of things regularly, that depicts the 1996 alien invasion masterpiece Independence Day, but shortened to two minutes and with a cast made up entirely of pug puppies.
  • The pug puppies also portray the spaceships and the aliens and, at one point, the White House.
  • The whole thing looks like it was made for $11 and I love it.
  • The best part is the Jeff Goldblum and Harvey Fierstein pugs, and it’s not even all that close.
  • I lied, it is kinda close, thanks to the split-second, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot of Vivica A. Fox pug standing in front of a tiny cardboard stripper pole. Inspired.
  • President Whitmore pug gives his famous speech to a collection of army men, obviously.

This is exactly what the Founding Fathers intended when they started this great nation.