11.30.07 11 years ago 10 Comments

Other movie blogs have been falling all over themselves trying to write a "OMFG, Seth Rogen Talks Green Hornet!!" post following an interview he did with MTV.  I avoided it, mainly because I didn’t give a crap, because of quotes like this:

There’s a more comedic version and a less comedic version, and we don’t know what will feel right until we’re actually writing it," he revealed to MTV News. "We were about to start writing the script, and then the [writers’] strike hit.

"It’s really hard to wrap our head around what the movie will be until we’ve written the script," he added.

Sweet, a guy giving an interview about a movie he hasn’t written yet. Why not interview me about next month’s hilarious posts that will revolutionize the internet, or the 700 hot babes I’m going vaporize with cunnilingus this weekend?  Anyway, the Rogen interview suddenly became relevant when I needed something timely to go withh this Donnie Darko clip I stumbled across recently (you’ll see Seth about 40 seconds in).  What the hell?  Seth Rogen was in Donnie Darko?  Was I the only one who missed that?

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