Hey, You Guys! Here Are 12 Things You Might Not Know About ‘The Goonies’

Lots of Goonie-ness to delve into this week with the movie’s director, Richard Donner turning 84 — and even bigger news, a possible Goonies II. Don’t start doing the truffle shuffle just yet though; rumors of a Goonies sequel have been floating around since 1985 with both Donner and executive producer Steven Spielberg saying that it probably wouldn’t happen since the movie’s appeal was its “likable young stars.”

Though that was then and this is 2014. What a Goonies sequel would be and who would be in it is a complete mystery, but Donner recently spilled the beans to TMZ that Spielberg already has the perfect concept in mind.

I’m sure Corey Feldman is chomping at the bit for that Goonies II money, but whether or not we ever get some more Goonie action, the rumor is enough reason to dive into some obscure movie trivia. This one’s for you, Sloth.

1. The pirate ship was a pretty big deal. An actual pirate ship was built for the movie and none of the cast was permitted to see it before filming to maintain its allure. When the kids finally did see it for the first time several of them blurted out curse words in awe and the scene had to be re-filmed without the cursing. After filming wrapped, the ship was put on the market, but apparently nobody had a use for a pirate ship and it was scrapped.

2. Data promised his mom he wouldn’t cuss. When Data falls from the cave ceiling he screams “holy s-h-i-t” as a way of getting around the curse word after he promised his mother he wouldn’t curse in the film.

3. Sloth spent up to five hours in the makeup chair. Getting Sloth’s wonky eye to look just right was no easy task and former Oakland Raiders player John Matuszak had to spend up to five hours in the makeup chair for the attachment of Sloth’s goofy eye, which was mechanically operated by remote control. It was very important that Sloth’s face not get wet, as water could cause the eye to malfunction — something that happened more than once during the pirate ship scenes.