Mich. HS Students’ Harlem Shake Video Included Simulated Oral & A Live Duck

The “Harlem Shake” video fad is finally petering out, thankfully so for a whole host of reasons, not the least of which being that no one’s actually doing the Harlem Shake in them. As a Harlem resident commented, “I know the Harlem Shake, but that ain’t the Harlem Shake. They’re dry-humping air.”

But if you are going to dry hump air, you might as well do it in style, like the kids from Milford High School in suburban Detroit, who all got suspended for a Harlem Shake video that included upside-down air blow jobs and a kid air humping a live duck. As an animal lover, I know I shouldn’t encourage any behavior that might lead to mistreatment of animals, but… Well, I’m just going to leave these ellipses here. You do with them what you see fit.

Alex Larson, an 18-year-old senior at the school, said he and his several of his friends, all juniors and seniors, were suspended for three to five days. The video on YouTube, however, has been viewed nearly 17,000 times as of Monday, Feb. 25, 2013.
“For me, I got suspension of school and I got suspended from basketball (on Friday),” Larson said. “The consequence we got was a little over the top.”
Director of Communications and Community Relations for Huron Valley Schools Kim Root said there was a second video, in addition to the “Harlem shake.” That second video had racially insensitive portions.
“There’s more than one video and the second video was taken down off of YouTube. It has some very disturbing content as far as the racial content,” Root said. “The Harlem shake video, the students also violated many (parts) of the student conduct (rules)… It was indecent and vulgar and there was a live animal involved.” [OaklandPress]

I can’t judge the supposedly racially insensitive video they took down, and that’s obviously terrible, but… well, let’s just say that I’d have a hard time keeping a straight face disciplining a kid whose crime was dry-humping a duck. I mean that’s an F for sensitivity, but at least a B+ for production design.