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03.06.08 52 Comments

According to CinemaBlend, The Universal Society of Hinduism is demanding an advance screening of Mike Myers’ new movie The Love Guru for Hindu leaders.

The request comes from a fear that the movie appears to be lampooning Hinduism while tossing about Hindu terminology frivolously, according to a press release issued by the group. President of the Society, Rajan Zed, stated that Hinduism should not be taken lightly, as the oldest and third largest religion in the world.

Reached for comment, Rajan said, "’His karma is huge’?  What does that even mean?  Is that supposed to be some sort of lame dick joke?  If one is to make a double entendre joke, at least one of the words in it has to have more than one meaning – that is the basic definition of double entendre! Rajan does not believe that is the case here.  Do not get me wrong, Rajan loves dick jokes. But ‘His karma is huge’?  That is not funny.  That does not even make sense.  Rajan watch movie trailer and the whole time Rajan think, ‘Has not Rajan already seen these jokes somewhere before?’  And then Rajan think, ‘Austin Powers!  Rajan already saw all these dumb gags in the Austin Powers movies.’  Rajan is offended by this Love Guru, for he presumes Rajan has never seen an American comedy movie before.  Rajan has seen many comedies.  Rajan loves Wedding Crashers.  But Rajan thinks Love Guru deserves direct-to-DVD release.  That is all – Rajan has spoken." 

MINI UPDATE – As pointed out by commenter "The Luchador", Myers may think he’s getting a pass because he’s buddies with Deepak Chopra [ha, more like DeeBAG Chopra – Ed.]. Relevant video after the jump. 

Ahh, nothing better than a comedian who will seriously discuss "his craft", is there?


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