Hobos, Shotguns — this poster has everything.

Here’s the poster for the latest Grindhouse trailer-cum-feature film, Hobo with a Shotgun.  I found Machete a bit of a letdown after the awesome intro sequence, because it didn’t seem quite sure how self-aware it wanted it to be.  Like, was the idea that if someone had made this movie in earnest, how funny that would be, even though they hadn’t?  It didn’t quite track.  But with Hobo With A Shotgun, I think I’m lubed up and ready to love again, and it’s because of awesome posters like this.  Hobos, shotguns; I mean, it pretty much has everything.

I hope to be seeing this next week at Sundance (it already has a distributor), but since they saw fit to deny me press credentials even though I do a segment for IFC on indie movies (including this movie in particular) and write the most important comedic movie blog in the universe, who knows.   I’m just gonna show up, and when they ask for my press badge, I plan to say, “Oh, it’s right here,” and then point to my crotch.  It’s never worked before, but I figure it’s worth another shot.  If I can time a fart to coincide, so much the better. Haha, journalism.

[poster via EntertainmentWeekly]