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02.05.10 27 Comments

Back in July, I posted a trailer for Birdemic, from writer/director James Nguyen, a movie that arguably looks stranger than After Last Season.  My original description of the trailer:

It begins with more than a full minute of completely actionless landscape shots set to unmixed audio from the camera mic.  Uh, dude?  Those shouldn’t be in the movie, let alone the trailer.  But just when you’re like, “Hey, where’s the birdpocalypse I was promised?”  You hit the 1:08 mark and BOOM!  THERE’S THE F*CKING BIRDPOCALYPSE!

In short, it looks like something that was made by an autistic high school student, which was enough to capture the interest of me and countless other internet trolls.  Now, as a result, THR reports that Severin has bought the distribution rights, describing it as a “romantic thriller”, with plans for a theatrical release later this year.

The film revolves around a young couple trapped in a small Northern California town under siege by homicidal birds. Paying homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds,” “Birdemic” includes an appearance by “Birds” star Tippi Hedren.

Between this guy, William Hung, and After Last Season, it truly is a good time to be a clueless Asian.  But I don’t begrudge them their ironic success.  I’m all for it.  I’ll even go see this in a theater for the kitsch value.  Just as long as we can all stop pretending Bob Saget is funny.  Deal?

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