Holy. Crap. David Carradine’s last movie looks incredible.

David Carradine’s IMDB page lists a few still-unreleased films, and two titles are “all tied up” going into the “final stretch.”  One is El Dorado, and it’s quite possible that this could be his last film. If you thought Raul Julia in Street Fighter was an embarrassing way for a respected actor to go out, holy hell, read this synopsis:

This is a live action 3D comedy/horror/musical/road movie and is the first ever British movie to be shot in 3D.

After wrongly being sent to a Neo Nazi fund raiser instead of the stripper, Blues Brothers tribute band ‘The Jews Brothers’, Stan and Ollie get offered a gig in El Dorado to make amends for a gig gone sour. [via Twitchfilm]

Wait, did they say musical?  They did indeed, friends — a musical whose cast includes Steve Guttenberg, Brigitte Nielsen, Michael Madsen, and Daryl Hannah.  And if you thought the synopsis was bad, wait till you see the trailer:

It’s interesting that they shot it in 3D, because the audio sounds like they recorded the entire thing using just the built-in camcorder mic.  This doesn’t look like a movie so much as an elaborate practical joke on all the actors.  Poor Steve Guttenberg just can’t tell the difference.