Holy Photoshop Disaster, Look At This John Stamos Movie Poster

Reading today’s movie titles – “Let’s Be Cops,” “LOL,” “Sex Tape,” “Best Night Ever,” “Heaven Is For Real,” etc – I’m constantly reminded of that time-lapse scene in Idiocracy where over the years of people successively getting dumber, “Fuddrucker’s” eventually becomes “Buttf*cker’s.” My fascination with on-the-nose titles aimed at the disabled was what initially led me to click on the poster for “My Man Is A Loser.” But then when I got there, I discovered something even better: the poster.

What’s the plot of this, that Michael Rapaport takes John Stamos to that head-shrinking doctor from Beetlejuice to get his groove back?

I’d watch that, actually.

I realize a film called “My Man Is A Loser” might not have the greatest quality control department, but you still have to wonder how a poster like this ever sees the light of day. The only explanation I can figure is that the shrunken head was a deliberate attempt to distract you from the capri pants.