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12.19.07 38 Comments

Lord of the Rings-director Peter Jackson and New Line have decided that the current nine hours of repetitive, homo-erotic Lord of the Rings "action" isn’t enough, and are making a two-movie adaptation of The Hobbit.

Hey, didn’t it used to be faster to watch the movie rather than read the book?

Jackson won’t be able to direct, since his plate is full with other projects (and bacon). But Spiderman trilogy director Sam Raimi has expressed interest in the project. 

Given that Peter Jackson made about half a solid movie in three Lord of the Rings flicks and Raimi made about one and a half good movies out of three Spidermans, I like our odds.

I’m predicting 25 minutes of solid Hobbit action.  Mixed into two three-hour movies, of course.    


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