Honest trailer for The Avengers

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09.25.12 18 Comments

ScreenJunkies’ “Honest Trailers” series has been surprisingly good so far, and their latest edition celebrates today’s DVD release of The Avengers. Points include:

“Captain America, who just kinda has to be there…”

“The confusing energy source of the Tesseract [sp?], and its completely unjustified fail-safe…”

“A movie so fulfilling that you won’t remember that the first 45 minutes are actually kind of boring…”

It’s a lot of the same criticisms I brought up in my flame-inspiring review, which invoked a tidal wave of flabby hate from the neckbeards, despite the fact that I went to great pains to point out how much I liked it and gave it a B+. I think there’s some universal law of the internet that the more trivial the subject, the more impassioned the arguments about it. “My mom has cancer? Haha, good one, stranger. HOW F*CKING DARE YOU SAY SPOCK DIED IN STAR TREK II THAT WAS STAR TREK III I’LL F*CKING KILL YOU!!!”

I can’t believe they didn’t bring up Hawkeye and his stupid bow and arrow. Or when Loki called that guy a “mewling quim,” that owned.


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