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It’s hard to go wrong with a movie called “Hot Tub Time Machine”, but it’s nice to see they assembled a fun group of actors too.  I love Rob Corddry, but if he played Dane Cook or Matthew McConnaughey’s sidekick in a rom-com one more time, I’d… well, I’d throw a pretty big hissy fit, I don’t mind saying *takes drag of cigarette*.  Anyway, here he’s teamed up with Clark Duke, Craig Robinson (my favorite husky black man besides Tracy Morgan), and John Cusack (who’s hopefully not still being a dick to everyone like he was on the 2012 press tour).

The plot looks a lot like the Aspen Extreme episode of South Park.  They basically go back in time and then party like it’s an 80s ski movie.   Though if it were me and I had access to a time machine, I’d go back to when we were kids and molest all the girls who rejected me.  That way I could go back to the present and they’d either have low enough self-esteem that they’d go out with me or they’d be strippers.  Pretty much a win-win.

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