Everyone loves Reese Witherspoon’s t-shirt

Senior Editor
08.13.10 12 Comments

For some reason I feel like I haven’t heard anything about this movie before today, but here’s the trailer for James L. Brooks’ rom-com, How Do You Know, which opens in December.  It stars Reese Witherspoon as a lady both Owen Wilson and Paul Rudd seem to be in love with, and why not? She’s a total low-maintenance, down-to-Earth kinda gal, which you can tell because she’s always wearin’ a blue t-shirt.  Will she stick just her head through the collar?  Maybe her head, her shoulder, and a bra strap?  Who knows, bro, chick’s a free spirit.  Spontaneous.  That’s why all the dudes realize they love her after mistreating her for a few years.

Yes, she and Paul Rudd meet in an elevator, and Owen Wilson has hilarious conversations with his glib, chauvinist friends, but for a rom-com, there aren’t nearly as many of the usual idiotic clichés, like Sandra Bullock’s Blackberry getting stolen by an eagle, or Sarah Jessica Parker getting kicked by a cow, or Amy Adams.  If this was your usual sh*tty rom-com, Jack Nicholson, who plays Paul Rudd’s dad, would’ve been talking about sex the whole time, and the joke would’ve been that it’s funny because he’s old.  And then Katherine Heigl would find love when she finally stopped being an insufferable bitch.

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