How to Speak American, with the Harry Potter Cast

Senior Editor
11.18.10 12 Comments

Our buddy awkward Josh over at MTV recently did this fun little interview with the cast of Harry Potter and the Whatever with Wizards and Crap, where he tests their ability to speak American.  Of the four, Daniel Radcliffe (the creepy dark-haired one), Tom Felton (the creepy blond one), Rupert Grint (the creepy redhead), and Emma Watson (sugart*ts), I’d say Rupert Grint displays the most competence, which is probably for the best, since he’s a ginger and no one will ever love him.  You’d think Emma Watson would have an advantage since she goes to college in the US, but you have to remember that she goes to Brown, and everyone there has an affected, phony European accent like Madonna.

And as an Italian-American, I’m a little offended that one of the American phrases wasn’t “HEY! I’M WALKIN’ HERE, JERK OFF!”  We’re the grease that keeps this rich tapestry looking shiny, dammit.

Haha, Fauntleroy over here thinks “Boo-Ya” is a restaurant!  Yeah, buddy, just take the lorrie lift down to the loo and they’ll serve you up a fresh KNUCKLE SANDWICH you can take back to the queen.  USA! USA! USA! USA!

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