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06.09.09 19 Comments

Long story short, Bryce Dallas Howard and her brother in law wrote a script, which her father’s production company will produce, and which her father might direct.  Long story re-lengthened:

“Originals” is an ensemble film about a group of twentysomethings who reconvene for a weekend in New York after learning that the teacher who shaped their childhoods has fallen into a mysterious coma. The idea for “Originals” germinated a few years ago, when Howard, an actress from such films as “The Village” and “Spider-Man 3”, [decided to write] something that tackled the quarter-life crisis issues her contemporaries were dealing with.

She roped in Dane Charbeneau and the two have been working on the script for the past couple of years.  “Originals” also became more of family affair during the writing process, as Charbeneau began dating Howard’s sister Jocelyn. The two are now are engaged. [THR]

Ah yes, the quarter-life crisis, I know it well.  As soon as I turned 25 I said, “Daddy?  What big Hollywood movie should I have one of your friends put me in?”  Luckily, my dad just took a huge bong rip and fell asleep so I became a movie blogger.

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