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07.15.09 23 Comments

(Hugh couldn’t believe it was really Suze Orman)

In a high six-figure deal (you’re kidding me, right?), guess which studio (hint: it’s Fox) bought a comedy pitch from Hitch writer Kevin Bisch called Avon Man.  Hugh Jackman is attached to star.

Story follows men laid off from an auto dealership. One is reluctantly recruited into becoming an Avon salesman, and while the experience is initially emasculating, he uses his charm and good looks to become a top seller. The comedy takes on a “Full Monty” vibe when the car salesman sets out to save his financially strapped family and town by conscripting his buddies into the makeup business to win a regional contest. [Variety]

I imagine how this went down was, in the middle of a Fox meeting, someone stood up and shouted, “Hugh Jackman… as an AVON LADY!”  Then confetti fell from the ceiling accompanied by kazoo sounds and monkeys throwing sh*t at each other.

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